Drug and Alcohol Recovery & Mental-Health Support

Connecting to Treatment Programs and Counseling

If you are interested in connecting to treatment programs and counseling, recovery resources, or just a supportive person to talk to, we are here for support. Our Recovery Oriented Support and Engagement (ROSE) program focuses on your individual needs. Not only do we offer recovery oriented support, but we also have a Pathways Mental Health Therapist that offers one-on-one counseling in a confidential, in-office or community setting.

Want to access ROSE program  services?

To access services, you first need to be screened into the Homeless Youth Continuum. To learn how, call the Access Center at 503-432-3986.

Once you are screened in to the Homeless Youth Continuum, contact Carina Mariscal Diaz for additional information at 503-901-4656 or cmariscaldiaz@newavenues.org.