Pregnant & Parenting Resources

Support for Young People Enrolled in the Homeless Youth Continuum

Family First

Family First supports pregnant and parenting youth who are making decisions around pregnancy, want support during pregnancy, and who are currently parents. Our Parent Support Specialist will provide you with resources and tools for whatever stage you are in, including:

Pregnancy Options Counseling

Referrals: For support around pre-natal and post-natal care, family planning, breast feeding, mental health, substance use, housing, daycare, Head Start, culturally specific services, holistic pregnancy and birth options, parenting classes, resources (WIC, TANF, SNAP, ERDC), and legal services

Resource Connection: Pregnancy needs, children’s needs, and reproductive health supplies

Advocacy: Medical appointments, birth and delivery, and child welfare (reunification supports, sustaining custody, investigations)

Preparing for Baby: Birth plan and baby proofing

Parenting Groups: Skill building, group outings, and play group

Resources are available for youth enrolled in the Homeless Youth Continuum. If you are not enrolled, please contact the Access Center at 503-432-3986.

Please note that filling out a referral form may put you on a waitlist for services, and you will hear back from the Parent Support Specialist when there are openings.

Pregnant and Parenting Referral Form

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