Mid County Office

Mid- County New Avenues Site Community Expectations & Agreements

[Staff to review and sign with youth at first access and to review with youth as needed]

At the Mid County Resource Center, we have shared expectations and agreements related to the space and the two block radius. This is to ensure that all are welcome here, everyone remains safe, and we are able to support in connecting you with resources. This applies to youth and families, staff, and community partners.

Appointments: Services at Mid County Resource Center are by appointment only. This is coordinated with the program point person you are working with. If you are running late or need to reschedule, please reach out. If the appointment you are attending only has 15 minutes left, we will not be able to provide anything other than basic needs supplies from the main shelf. If you come outside of your appointment time, we cannot guarantee a staff will be available to meet with you.

Transport or Accompaniment: We do not allow others to accompany you to your appointments (unless a child in your care or other service provider that we have advance notice of). Any transport or other accompaniment needs to remain 2 blocks away (at the Starbucks, USPS or Chase Bank at 103rd and Stark). Exceptions may include family attending mediation, a legal guardian accompanying minors, and reasonable accommodation for youth with disabilities, which must be preapproved by staff. Staff will do their best to work with you around safety planning and supporting your ability to access services safely.

Reporting and Emergency Response: There may be times where we have to make a mandatory report due to substance use or disclosure of abuse you have experienced or are currently experiencing. We may also be required to use medical intervention such as calling an ambulance during a medical emergency or using NARCAN if we believe your safety or life is at risk. During an imminent safety threat, we may also be required to call 911.

Drugs/Alcohol: You do not have to be sober to be in the Mid County Resource Center. Our boundary is that you do not openly use substances in the space or bring illegal substances, drugs, or alcohol inside. Smoking or vaping is not permitted on the property.

Weapons Policy: We acknowledge that for your safety outside of the Mid County Resource Center you might carry weapons for self-defense. While in the space or meeting with staff, all weapons should be checked with a staff to remain in a lock box during the duration of your time here. It is your responsibility to get your belongings- items left overnight may not be able to be returned to you. We may deny returning your weapon in the case of a serious safety concern. This is limited to pepper spray, explosives, knives, batons, or homemade devices specifically designed to inflict harm. Firearms are not allowed under any circumstances when engaging with the Mid County Resource Center.

Violence and Fighting: For everyone’s safety we agree to never resort to verbal or physical violence during meetings. This applies to staff and also physical or verbal altercations with others in community when at the Mid County Resource Office or the two block radius.

Pet or Parenting Policy: If you have a pet or are a parent and may need to bring your pet or child with you during an appointment, please review the pet and/or parenting policy with staff.

Confidentiality: Maintaining privacy and safety for everyone who accesses services at the Mid County Resource Center is important to us. We expect you to not share information about any other participants with anyone outside of this space. We also do not allow any photos or videos to be taken while inside the Mid County Resource Center.

Repeated inability to align with all expectations and agreements may result in an exclusion from the space or program.

 While here, we all agree to:

  • Respect and use the name and pronouns of other youth and staff
  • Respect and create space for diverse experiences, background, religious/spiritual traditions, race, culture, and values
  • Explore resources, services and supports
  • Help keep the space clean
  • Make sure that the space remains a drug and weapon free space
  • Use non-violent communication, which includes no hate speech of any kind
  • Maintain privacy and confidentiality
  • Check-in for further support in the space

If you AGREE the terms and conditions please proceed to sign-in form HERE.