Meet our neighbors and great volunteers: JIVE Software


JIVE employees are great volunteers in our kitchen!

How long has Jive been volunteering for New Avenues?

“About a year and half, this group. Other Jivers have been doing it longer.”

What do you enjoy most about volunteering here?

“I’d say New Avenues is right in our community where we work, you guys are neighbors. So I think it’s unique to be able to walk across the street and help out an organization that is helping out the city.

“You can see it in action. You can see the effects of the organization in action, every day and you kind of be a part of it at a local level.”

What has your experience volunteering with us meant to you? 

“I think it’s an opportunity outside our standard routine, to do something that isn’t work or family. It takes us out our routine and gives us perspective on what is important in life and try to be better members of the community.”

Why do you choose to volunteer?

“You know, we started doing it as a team as a team building team exercise. We have continued to do it just because of the impact that it has on each of us individually and has on the team. I think it’s a good opportunity to stay grounded and work for something, a cause that we all believe in.”

We’re grateful to JIVE for giving their time and energy to New Avenues!  If you’re business is interested in volunteering, contact us at