Scooper Hero: Ryonet

On April 12th, we will be scooping up free cones at our Ben & Jerry’s PartnerShops as part of National Free Cone Day.  But, thanks to the support of some special businesses and individuals, we’ll also be raising funds to support our job training and workforce development programs!  The 6th Annual Scoop-A-Thon brings together “Scooper Heroes” in our community who are dedicated to ensuring that youth learn the skills they need to find employment and lead independent lives.  Whether they mentor the youth we serve, provide internships and employment, support our programs financially or work to engage others in our efforts, they are truly heroes for at-risk and homeless youth in our community.


Ryan hard at work at last year’s Scoop-A-Thon!

Ryonet is one of our Scooper Heroes, and its founder Ryan Moor has been a great supporter of our Scoop-A-Thon.  We asked Ryan to reflect on his first job experience and why he and Ryonet are committed to being part of the solution to ending youth homelessness.

Tell us about your first job…

I had the most glamorous first job ever – official pooper scooper at Susie’s Country Inn for Dogs and Cats! Yes, I scooped poop, cleaned kennels, mowed lawns and walked dogs – it was great 🙂

What was one of the most important things you learned from that experience?

I learned the value of hard work and that no job was too low for a manager or owner – the owner would scoop poop and clean stalls right next to me and the rest of the employees.

Why do you and Ryonet support New Avenues for Youth and our job training programs?

Real world hands-on experience working along someone who knows the value of hard work and can guide and train is huge.  Mentorship and apprenticeship is what built this country and its awesome to see New Avenues provide those same kind of opportunities to develop and learn.