Setting goals and connecting to services

Youth engaged in New Avenues’ services and screened into the Homeless Youth Continuuum are assigned to one of our clinical case managers. Case managers work with youth to identify and create access to needed supports—including mental health and drug and alcohol counseling, education, job training, and housing—and to develop a comprehensive plan for achieving a healthy, independent life. Our team includes three Drop-In Case Managers, a Transitional Housing Case Manager, a Community-Based Housing Case Manager, and a Parenting Support Specialist.


Drug, alcohol, and mental health

Our Recovery Oriented Support and Engagement (ROSE) team includes an Alcohol and Drug Specialist, Dual Diagnosis Specialist, two Peer Mentors, and a Pathways Mental Health Counselor. The team works directly with youth, engaging them in recovery-oriented activities, promoting healthy decision-making, identifying individual needs, and connecting them to drug-treatment programs and mental-health counseling as appropriate. The ROSE program also operates at Homeless Youth Continuum (HYC) partner agencies Janus Youth Programs, Outside In, and Native American Youth and Family Center to ensure that youth across the HYC get the support they need.