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1. Grote Dorst – Oude Geuze (2008) – sold for $3,000
2. Toppling Goliath set – sold for $2,600
3. Cantillon – Pineau d’Aunis – sold for $1,300
4. Cantillon – Assemblage De L’amitie (Wild Friendship Blend) – sold for $1,100
5. de Garde package – sold for $650
6. de Garde – Imperial Black Raz Bu 3L – sold for $600
7. Hill Farmstead – Flora Plum Magnum – sold for $600
8. Drie Fonteinen signed set – sold for $570
9. Alpine set – sold for $500
10. de Garde GA Silent Set – sold for $500

  • Block 15 – Sticky Hands

  • Cantillon (BE) – Kriek

  • de Garde Brewing – Pom Bu

  • De Struise (BE) – Cuvee Delphine

  • Freigeist (DE) – Olav the Honey Bear

  • Gravity Brewing – Weekend at Morts

  • North Coast Brewing Company – Old Stock Cellar Reserve

  • Pfriem Family Brewers – Dank IPA

  • Reverend Nat’s Hard Cider – White Wine Barrel Aged Hopricot

  • Sixpoint Brewery – Pour Over

  • Tilquin (BE) – Gueuze

  • Upright Brewery – One in the Tree – Special New Avenues Release

  • Victory Brewing Company – Tripel

  • Barley Brown’s Beer – HeadShake IIPA

  • Block 15 – Snozzberry

  • Basecamp Brewing Company – Pilot Batch Scotch Ale – Special New Avenues Release

  • Boneyard Beer – Hop Venom

  • Breakside Brewery – Fresh Hop Wonderlust, Fresh Hop Simcoe

  • Brouwerij Maximus (NL) – TBD

  • Burnside Brewing – Sweet Heat

  • Cascade Brewing – Honey Ginger Lime

  • Coalition Brewing Co. – TBD

  • De Dochter von Korenaar (BE) – Belle Fleur

  • de Garde Brewing – Nelson Hose, Passion Bu

  • De Molen (NL) – Tsarina Esra

  • Deschutes Brewery – Fresh Hop City

  • Double Mountain Brewery – Off the Wagon

  • Firestone Walker Brewing Company – Pivo Pils

  • Fire on the Mountain – Lefty Lager

  • Fremont Brewing Company – Brother Imperial IPA

  • Freigeist (DE) – Hoppeditz, Hibiskuss, Ehrenfelder

  • Fyne Ales (UK) – Jarl

  • Gillgamesh – DJ Jazzy Hef

  • Heater Allen Brewing – Pilsner

  • Hopworks – Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster

  • Logdson – Oak Aged Bretta

  • Maximus (NL) – Salvator

  • Oakshire – Black Wolf Schwarzbier

  • Oedipus (NL) – Mannenliefde

  • Oersoep (NL) – Brettalicious

  • Ramses Bier (NL) – Antenne Tripel

  • Renaissance (NZ) – MPA

  • Reverend Nat’s Hard Cider – Revival

  • Rooie Dop (NL) – Daily Grind

  • Royale Brewing – Pilsner

  • Solera Brewery – Apricot Wheat

  • The Commons Brewery – Summer Saison

  • Upright – Engelberg Pils

  • Victory Brewing Company – Dirt Wolf IPA, Prima Pils



Grote Dorst – Oude Geuze 2008 Magnum
The famous lambic café Grote Dorst bottled a blend after their 2008 event The Night of the Great Thirst. Only 15 Magnums were released. This is a blend of the following: Boon Joenk 2008, Boon 2007, Boon 2006, Boon 2005, De Troch Joenk April 2008, 3F April 2007, Girardin Joenk 2008, Lindemans Joenk 2008, Lindemans 2005, Mort Subite September 2006, and Oud Beersel November 2006.

Cantillon – Assemblage De L’amitie (Wild Friendship Blend)
Collaboration between Cantillon, Allagash and Russian River. This is from the first bottling which was blended at Cantillon, bottled in 2014 and for on site consumption only during Quintessence. No bottles were sold to go. The blend consists of 1/3 Cantillon Lambic, 1/3 Allagash Coolship Resergum, and 1/3 Russian River Sonambic.

Cantillon – Pineau d’Aunis
A fruit lambic brewed with Pineau d’Aunis grapes from the Loire valley. A similar beer was released for Zwanze 2011. This is a slightly different version which was bottled in 2014 and is only available for onsite consumption at Cantillon.

Toppling Goliath Set
A collection of beers from Toppling Goliath which will include Mornin’ Delight, Assassin, SR-71, and Kentucky Brunch Brand Stout (KBBS), the number 1 and 2 beer in the world according to Rate Beer and Beer Advocate, respectively.

Abyss Vertical 2006 – 2014 (now in GA Silent Auction)

de Garde – Imperial Boysen Bu 3L & Imperial Black Raz Bu 3L

Hill Farmstead – Flora Plum Magnum
Flora is the wine barrel aged version of Florence wheat farmhouse ale. Selected barrels were aged on a variety of hand-picked organic plums from Elmore Roots Nursery in Wolcott, VT for several months.

Alpine Set
The set includes Chez Monus, Chez Monieux, Ned, Kiwi Herman, Great, along with fresh Nelson, Duet, Pure Hoppiness, and Exponential Hoppiness.

De Garde Package
A collection of beers from De Garde which includes The Lily, The Archer, 3S, Side Project Desay Pinot, Side Project Desay Chardonnay, Lee Kriek batch 1, Vin Lee, Lee Noir, Currant Gin Bu, Black Raz Bu, Imperial Apricot Bu batch 1, and Imp Vin Bu Melange.


VIP ticketholders for the 4th Annual Brews for New Avenues were invited to attend a
6-course dinner with Chef Paul Kasten and de Garde Brewing featuring:  

dungeness crab and watermelon
heirloom tomato, fennel, spicy pepitas, basil
paired with the duo

country pâté agnolotti
gravenstein tonkotsu, chanterelle, chive, microgreens
paired with deux tetes

olive oil poached albacore and succotash
arugula, lemon créme fraîche, crispy shallot, andouille
paired with belle ensemble

duck liver dumpling
grilled sweet onion soubise, glace
paired with the boysen

steak tartare
rice puff, smoked aïoli, scallion, radish, fermented mushroom, preserved lemon
paired with the archer, the lily, and the lucy

colston bassett stilton
grilled peach agrodolce, prosciutto candied pecans, chive oil
paired with broken truck

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